Mission Statement

GRAFFITI ART PROGRAMMING INC. (GAP Inc.) is a community youth art center dedicated to the creation of a safe and accepting environment for the development of all forms of artistic expression. GAP Inc. uses art as a tool for community development, social change, and individual growth.

Graffiti Art Programming Inc. Goals:

- To create and maintain a safe, supportive and an open door environment
- To deliver programming and services that are innovative, creative and expressive within an artistic genre and venue
- To develop and implement marketing strategies that promote youth artists and their genre
- Increase the profile of the organization
- To develop and enhance capacity building skills, and abilities that encourages self esteem, work
ethic and work experience fostering a sense of creative cooperation and self healing
- To create the opportunity…

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Graffiti Art Programming Inc.
109 Higgins Ave
Winnipeg, MB . CANADA