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The program begins with an intense overview of the career opportunities and realities of the artist, including a retrospective of previous Urban Canvas graduates and orientation sessions with a program graduate as a youth mentor. The object is to establish a preliminary career plan for each participant that can be massaged over the course of the project. Experience shows that exposure to different, diverse and not before experienced art applications throughout the program causes a shift in some participants’ career goals. The employment action plan begins on the first day of the program, with the Program Coordinator and the youth doing a one on one assessment.The integrated life skills training gives the youth the tools that they need to work towards a career once they have completed the program. Undertaken on a daily basis, they include:

Dressing appropriately
Socializing appropriately in workplace
Maintaining effective personal conduct on job
Respecting rules, authorities
Meeting expectations for productivity
Computer Skills (keyboarding, navigation, etc.)
Feedback, Information Sharing, Communicating Effectively, Managing Information
Money Management
Social Skills including anger management, resolving conflict, positive self image, interpersonal relationships, working well with others
Decision making skills
Problem solving
Use of numbers – learning to accurately measure and estimate jobs, verifying calculations, etc. Comparing estimates to actuals once job has been completed
Nutrition including money management and budgeting, menu planning based on healthy eating, preparation of lunches Monday – Friday, division and scheduling of duties, shopping, label reading, research, etc.
Counselling options with respect to legal and family issues
Housing alternatives

Each art theme/theory component scheduled throughout the 48 weeks addresses one of the many career opportunities available, including classroom training to experience and develop the skill set necessary to complete a project, to (in most cases) an actual project completed in conjunction with local businesses and community organizations (ie. large wall murals, art donations to charitable organizations, live art demonstrations, commercial painting and faux finishing, etc.). Each of these components affords the participant the chance to work as a team to plan, organize, implement and complete a project in an atmosphere similar to a business, but with full mentorship from a team of senior artists and administrators. The projects are targeted at the immediate neighborhood of Point Douglas and for several years the organization’s contributions to the community have been recognized as successful renewal projects aimed at cleaning and beautifying the 4th poorest neighborhood in Canada. The program’s participation in community events and on youth committees and forums such as the provincial Youth Steering Committee of the Aboriginal Artists’ Roundtable, builds awareness of needs, particularly the importance of stronger communities and affords the youth the opportunity to begin to give back to the community that is helping them. It also affords them the experience needed to begin mentoring other youth.

Areas of study include:
- basic drawing and painting
- drawing and painting
- design concepts
- oil painting
- graphic design
- wood/stone carving
- drum making
- beading
- faux finishing
- decorative painting
- commercial painting
- screen printing
- murals
- animation
- sets & scenery
- photography & photo documentation
- business plan prep, resume writing, letters, interview skills
- youth art show – curating your own show



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