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Click HERE for the st.ART Project WINTER schedule.

Click HERE for the MARCH Studio393 schedule.

The st.ART Project (short for “street art”)  is an exciting, dynamic, and ever evolving studio venue in which local artists engage children, youth, and adults from the inner city in a wide and diverse field of art forms. Most st.ART Studios are conducted on a weekly basis throughout the year and include:

- Painting
- Drawing
- Animation
- Video
- Fabric Art
- Fashion Art
- Performance Art
- Digital Photography
- Darkroom Photography
- Green Art
- Sculpture
- Violin
- Urban Art
- Break Dance
- Hip Hop Dance
- DJ workshops
- Rap
- Aboriginal Craft

Classes are offered FREE of charge with supplies and snacks provided at each studio. Please consult with the Graffiti Art Programming Inc.’s st.ART Project in order to find a st.ART studio best suited for each young artist.

The st.ART Project also organizes st.ART Camps during summer, winter, and spring breaks. These camps are designed and based upon community needs and requests. They range from week long puppetry workshops for children to hip hop studios for youth.

The st.ART participants are also invited to join GAPAYAC: Graffiti Art Programming Inc.’s Aboriginal Youth Advisory Committee. GAPAYAC meets monthly to discuss relevant issues and provide st.ART Project management with insight for upcoming programming strategy. GAPAYAC also joins forces with artists such as painters and architects to work on special projects such as the skating huts for Winnipeg’s river trail system and advocacy painting exhibits for Childfind Manitoba. GAPAYAC is currently organizing a World Café where Urban Youth’s “Rights To The  City” will be examined.

GAP Inc. gratefully acknowledges our many community partners, whose cooperation and vision have helped make this program so successful.

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