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The Graffiti Gallery is a community art centre located in the Point Douglas neighbourhood of Winnipeg. Graffiti Gallery uses art as a tool to develop individual self-confidence, to empower people and to save lives. This organization has been credited as an early pioneer in Canada in the urban art form.

The Urban Canvas Program has been in existence for the past eight years. UCP is a 48 week program that prepares approximately eight participants yearly for the commercial art world.

The UCP is a small and intimate, yet a very intense program focusing on immersing participants in artistic practice. The program offers a range of art education and skill training, hands-on support and personal life-skills assistance, and business development training that provides a strong foundation on which to continue to enhance the skills and work opportunities for its participants.

Graffiti Gallery’s UCP wishes to provide as many options for current and future program participants to achieve a steady and sustainable income as an artist no matter the media.

At this time the Graffiti Gallery is reviewing the UCP model structure as it relates with the changing needs of its participants, and has begun a five month process (November-March 2011) to address the needs in a flexible and creative way, which includes the possibility of implementing a Mural Artist-Painter and Decorator apprenticeship program.

The result this process would be a revised training curriculum, to reflect the Mural Artist-Painter and Decorator trade. While this process is ongoing interested stakeholders (contractors, designers, painters, education organizations) are welcome to contact the gallery to discuss future opportunities to become involved. As for potential candidates for the future program, please call us to discuss our ideas and how we will go forward.

Please contact ucp@graffitigallery.ca for further information or inquiries about the program.

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