William Feldman Memorial Gallery

In 1999, the organization officially took up residence at 109 Higgins Avenue. The owner, Bill Feldman of Sturgeon Tire, was our first supporter and as a true visionary, recognized the merit of such a new concept and generously provided the building rent free for the first year. His strong support of the organization continued over the years and up to the date of his passing on August 4, 2007. He regularly purchased art from our ever growing number of young artists and supported our many events over the years. His belief in our vision helped make it possible to achieve our goals.

Graffiti Art Programming Inc. and its staff wished to acknowledge and honour “Uncle Bill” and when the opportunity came to construct a children’s art gallery to install the art of the youth in our after school “st.ART” Project, it was unanimous that the gallery be dedicated to him. On December 10, 2008, at our Annual General Meeting, the gallery was officially opened and dedicated to the memory of the man who made it all possible. The event was attended by his family and friends and the dedication was made by Stephen Wilson (the founder and the Executive Director of GAP Inc.).

Since December 2008, the William Feldman Memorial Gallery has hosted 11 art installations for participants and families of the st.ART Project.  Over 300 young artists have shown, shared, and celebrated their work in this space.

Words can never express the depth of our gratitude – thank you Uncle Bill.

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