Why a GAP Mural?

Professional and Customized Results

GAP Inc. murals are overseen by senior managers who ensure that each step of the mural process is completed effectively and professionally. Clients are provided with detailed quotes and have input into artist selection and project design. Our commercial manager walks each client through the creation process to ensure the highest results possible will be achieved through your partnership with GAP Inc.

An Investment in Community Arts

Profits from GAP Inc. murals are reinvested into our programming. When you hire Graffiti Art Programming Inc.’s Commercial Division to create a work of art you can be sure that your investment will have exponential effects not only for your business, but also on the youth, artists, and communities that GAP Inc. serves.

Community Beautification

Murals are a well recognized and highly employed anti-vandalism strategy. Canadian cities including Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa utilize mural creation in highly tagged areas to deter illegal graffiti: “Outdoor murals have proven to be effective in managing graffiti vandalism, enhancing beautification, supporting arts and culture, contributing to economic development, and providing youth engagement opportunities.” (Graffiti Management Program: Murals and Legal Walls Report, submitted by Steve Kanellakos, Deputy City Manager, Ottawa) Redirection models such as Graffiti Art Programming Inc.’s mural projects are popping up around the world, ensuring community stewardship and pride.

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