The Snake Sisters: Tessa


The Snake Sisters: Tessa


Original art work by Gabrielle Funk -solo exhibit: Women Good Bad Bad —

December 7th, 2018.

Ink, watercolor, paper 13.4” x 17.5”

Gabrielle Funk is a Winnipeg-based visual artist, muralist and community art facilitator. 

 Gabrielle’s personal practice primarily utilizes traditional drawing and painting mediums. Variations on self-portraiture and the female form have been her primary focus. She regards her work as a cathartic and self-reflective tool that she uses to shamelessly explore the place where her psychological landscape meets the uncontrollable social, political, and cultural forces of the world around her. She is interested in the concept of visual stimulus used as a spiritual/meditative instrument and this has informed the mediums, methods and the composition of each of her works. Using rigorous and meticulous illustrative, painting and sculptural techniques she has created several series of work that have aimed to explore and deconstruct femininity, sexuality, repression, piety, transition, transformation and grief as she has experienced them.

 This exhibition explores the dichotomous, contentious and deeply familiar lineage of feminine representation, most specifically in a religious context. Through this work a broad stroke is drawn and redundant dichotomies are pressed up against one another. 

The work aims to isolate, simplify, interpret and expand upon a selection of visual traditions, representative of important milestones and shifts in cultural perceptions surrounding the female body and its power.  

The artist has not attempted to describe every relevant pillar of this long and complex narrative, but instead has focused on those that have been prominent in her own life.

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