st.ART Project

st.ART, short for street art, is an exciting, dynamic, and ever evolving program in which local artists engage youth from the inner city in a wide & diverse field of art forms. 

Artists Began To Anticipate These Children And Youth so they Would Organize The Spare Supplies Available Along with some Lesson Plans For Our Young Visitors.

Most st.ART studios are conducted on a weekly basis at our various sites around the city. The st.ART Project was designed to address several issues within our immediate community, including the lack of recreational and educational opportunities for youth, the lack of funding to schools and other organizations for the arts, and finally the issue of community improvement and beautification. The st.ART Project began by fortuitous circumstance when over a period of time children would wander into The Graffiti Gallery, our main site at the time, looking for something to do. Artists began to anticipate these children and youth so they began to organize the spare supplies available along with some lesson plans for our young visitors. programming LOCATIONS

Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre 510 King Street
Studio 5 (Beaconsfield Youth Action Centre) 5 Beaconsfield Street
North Centennial Recreation & Leisure Facility 90 Sinclair Street
Ralph Brown Community Centre 460 Andrews Street
Norquay Community Centre 65 Granville Street
Pritchard Park 295 Pritchard Avenue