DowntownMOVES Youth Celebration

Winnipeg’s most talented stars take over Portage Place Shopping Centre

downtownmoves (1).png

Graffiti Art Programming is pleased to present our annual downtown celebration, DowntownMOVES. Every year, the young people that attend our programming host an amazing showcase in Edmonton Court at Portage Place Shopping Centre. This showcase features the GAP Inc. Dance Troupe, Mic Check Rap Crew, special guest performers, and some of Winnipeg’s best young dance troupes! With over 1,000 people attending every year, it becomes quite the spectacle, and the young energy is contagious! Come out to cheer on the youth and all the hard work and passion they put into their craft.

DowntownMOVES Schedule

Thursday, May 4th, 5-7 PM Art Party
Come make a collaborative art project and listen to music in Edmonton Court!

Friday, May 5th, 5PM - 7PM Dance Party
Try out some breakdance or hip hop choreo in Edmonton Court!

Saturday, May 6th, 12PM - 4PM DowntownMOVES Youth Celebration
As part of National Youth Arts Week, celebrate dance & music featuring Winnipeg's finest dance & music crews!