Plucked from the basements, garages, bedrooms and blanket forts of Winnipeg, this exhibition hopes to amplify the unsung, shed light on those working in the shadows and invite in the outsider. This grouping of DIY artists are compelled to create works of art for the sake of creating. Their works are personal, singular, uninfluenced, grotesque and full of raw beauty.

-DEEP DIVE is on display until August 22 2019-

Graffiti Art Programming Inc., know as GAP or the Graffiti Gallery, is a not-for-profit community youth art centre located in Winnipeg’s Historic Point Douglas Neighbourhood. Since 1998, GAP has provided a devoted gallery space, free educational arts programs, and practical skills training for youth and young artist in Winnipeg’s North End and Downtown communities. Through various after-school programs and mentorships, GAP encourages self-esteem and creative expression in youth, teaching them how to use their art as a tool for community development, social change and individual growth.